Flu Vaccinations

Influenza or Flu is a viral infection. Symptoms of the flu are fever, an aching body, headaches and sore throat. Flu symptoms are usually worse than a cold and last longer.

You can help prevent the flu by getting the flu vaccine every year.  It is best to get the vaccine as soon as it is available.

Prior to making your appointment, you are required to fill in a short questionaire to determine if you are suited to having the vaccination.

Having determined that you are suited the Pharmacist will make an appointment with you for the vaccination.

The procedure takes aproximately 10 mins, but you are required to remain in the Pharmacy for 15 minutes after the vaccination, in case you experience any side effects.

The vaccine can be administered to you at your convenience by appointment.

Available at the following branches, William Street & NUI

The vaccination is free if you have a medical card

The vaccination costs €15.00