Emergency Contraception

The emergency contraceptive pill Norlevo® 1.5mg (also known as the morning after pill) is now available without prescription upon consultation with Pharmacist.

Norlevo® 1.5mg contains a hormone called levonorgetrel. It works by preventing or delaying the release of an egg from the ovary.

If you require Emergency Contraception, commonly referred to as 'The Morning After Pill', you are required to have a brief private consultation with a pharmacist to determine if it is suitable for you.

Cost €30.00. You will not be charged any fee if the pharmacist finds that it is unsafe to supply you with the medicine.

Available at all Matt O'Flaherty Chemists.

How effective is Norlevo?

NorLevo can be taken within 72hours (3 days) after an unprotected intercourse or failure of a contraceptive method. It is important to note however, that the tablet must be taken as soon as possible preferably within 12 hours as the effectiveness of the treatment in preventing unwanted pregnancy declines over the 72 hour period. In clinical trials effectiveness of the pill appears to decline with time after intercourse, 95% if taken within 24 hours, 85% if taken within 24-48 hours, and 58% is used between 48 and 72hours. *

So ask your pharmacist for advice as soon as possible!

Is it suitable for me to take this medicine?

Some of the reasons it may not be suitable to supply Norlevo® 1.5mg include:

  • too much time has passed for the medicine to be effective.
  • you are taking other medicines that interact with Norlevo® 1.5mg
  • you have an existing medical condition that means it is not safe to take Norlevo® 1.5mg
  • your last period was irregular in some way.

If I am suitable to take the medicine, what happens?

You will be supplied with the medication, along with advice from the pharmacist on how it should be taken. Your pharmacist will also offer you advice on the options available for long-term methods of contraceptions.